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We will be contacting patients who have appointments booked as we are obliged to gain consent and carry out prescreening before your appointment. Please note, if we cannot contact you then your appointment will be cancelled and will be rebooked for a later date.

In order to offer our services to you we must adhere to national guidelines and changes to the practice have been made to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. You will find the reception area bare from our usual reading material and we have placed barriers at the reception desk. There will be an increase in the amount of PPE our staff will be wearing. Receptionists will be wearing masks and the clinical team will be wearing gowns, FFP2/3 masks and visors. We will do everything in our power to make your visit as friendly and welcoming as possible, do not be put off by the increased PPE, we are still the same team underneath all the gear.

We are not able to work at the same capacity as before, therefore availability of appointments will be limited. We must allow a fallow time between patients for any aerosol generated during your treatment to settle. One of the main treatments that we provide that produce aerosols is the routine hygiene appointment. Initially we will only be able to provide these by hand instrumentation. This means that hygiene appointments may no longer be synchronised with your examination appointments as it will be very difficult to do this. We will also give you further instructions on how to attend the surgery, some of these are outlined below to help you prepare:

Do please come to the surgery in a car if at all possible, as you may no longer enter the building on arrival but have to wait outside.

When you arrive please wait in your car, there is no need to ring the bell. We will be expecting you and will call you in when the surgery is ready.

You will be met at the door and asked to sanitise your hands.

If you have a mask, please wear it to the practice.

Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment, we need to minimise the amount of people in the reception area in order to adhere to social distancing rules. We can only welcome carers or a parent if children are attending for an appointment. Only one person will be allowed to accompany a patient in these cases.

Please do not bring any personal belongings with you to the appointment apart from a method of payment and if possible a pen in case there is any paperwork to complete.

The toilet facilities will be unavailable.

As you can appreciate a small increase in cost will have to be made in order to cover the increased safety measures. This will affect both new and existing estimates but will be clarified by your dentist.